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The Bread of Life In You

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Jesus Christ described himself as the Bread of Life in John 6:35 NLT: "I am the bread of life. Whoever believes in me will never be thirsty." The phrase, "I am the bread of life," is one of the "I AM" statements that Jesus spoke in the gospel of John. However, it is more a function of life than a title in the life of a follower of Christ.

Bread is a symbolic representation of the life-provision of Christ. When you become born again, you receive the Bread of Life and become a partaker of the divine nature of I AM, who alone is the only true source of spiritual life. As a believer, you may cognitively know that when receiving the Bread, you may never hunger again, for the religious mind does not comprehend the union believers have with Christ. That is why we must possess a prophetic mind, which is a mind of revelation.

The prophetic mind unfolds and unveils Christ life from within you and points you to Christ as the never-perishing, unspoiled, and unending supply.

The bread of heaven represents the realm from which Christ rules. Thus, the revelation of bread will not elevate man or anything that promotes manufactured, man-made practices, regulations, and rules. When man is promoted more than Christ, then the offered bread is leavened instead of unleavened. Leaven represents a little pride that puffs up the whole person where he or she begins to function independently of Holy Spirit. Leaven is never isolated; it expands and then impacts the entire loaf of bread. Galatians 5:9 NLT states “this false teaching is like a little yeast that spreads through the whole batch of dough!” What false teaching is that? Any teaching that is “anti“ or “in the place of” Christ, that when that leaven is not removed, a false idea spreads and becomes a strong hold, or thinking error. Those ideas attempt to add to or take away from Christ instead of revealing or re-presenting only Christ, the living Bread.

  • Bread nourishes and nurtures.

  • Bread fills and fulfills.

  • Bread is sustenance not just a supplement.

As you understand Christ is the chief prophet, the bread of life who poured out his life to all, then you will begin to understand who Christ is in others also and in turn pour your life out as a servant.

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Hope T Melton
Hope T Melton
01 feb 2022

What a powerful blog! Definitely a moment to reflect on Christ the bread of life that poured out his life.

Me gusta
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