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Patrick Jermaine Brown

Patrick J. Brown, Executive Director, Renewal At the Renewal Center Context and Culturea leadership & organizational coach, is the lead consultant at Brown Resources Unlimited, LLC.

Brown Resources Unlimited is committed to promoting personal and organizational growth through coaching, consulting, training, assessment, research and community of practice.

Patrick believes that impact first happens by way of self-transformation and personal renewal which creates a climate of change that matters. Patrick introduces and engages conversation about such issues as culture, change, and leadership in a manner that is innovative and strategic with sustainable results. He is the author of Change Matters: 21 Principles of the Process, Purpose and Product of Change. 


Patrick has established churches and created leadership development for over 25 years and currently serves as Founder and Central Renewal Officer of The Renewal Center (Charlotte), the Center for Prophetic Thought, Voice, Art and Action.  RC’s mission is to reveal Christ, to renew minds, to restore lives and to reform culture. He blogs as a host of conversation at

​Patrick J. Brown is a graduate of South Carolina State University and North Carolina A&T State University, respectfully. Professionally, Patrick has garnered an extensive portfolio of executive certifications in the areas of coaching, training and design thinking; therefore, he has rightfully earned the distinction of “Change Architect” and a servant leader in the consulting industry.

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