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Jesus sought to transform his social world by creating an alternative community structured around compassion, radicalized love. As Prophet, it also involved him in the radical criticism of his culture’s present path and warning his people of the catastrophic historical direction in which they were headed.

The prophetic is a revitalization movement rooted in love, revealed Spirit maturity and manifested fruit of the Spirit in hearing, seeing, thinking and then speaking.

As prophetic people, we become voices of an alternative consciousness that challenge dominant consciousness that is out of sync with kingdom creation for all of humanity. Perhaps prophetic people are Cultural Critics with a Compassionate Consciousness, with a dichotomous focus on both Spirit and Culture: thus those in power domination may experience the dynamics of revelation or replacement. As a prophetic conscious people, not only will we know God and do exploits but feel the feelings of Spirit through divine grief at the state of human creation and the maturity to not reveal the future but to change it.

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