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Re-Member Who and Why You Are

How do we forget who we are? It is possible for us to get caught up and distracted in other people's lives and overwhelmed in the "roles" we fulfill. Some may ask, "isn't there more than this?" How did we get there?

Many times it is because we set our own limits and we aren't aware that we have done that. We end become the roles we play and then when those roles shift or even end, then we begin another search for who we are.

This moment I encourage you to make this declaration: "Today, I know who I am. My choices and results display who I am and the world I am in is rooted in Spirit not in my roles."

Our lives are like leaves on the same tree. Leaves don't compare themselves to each other. They just do what they do, collecting sunlight and enriching the whole organism. Some leaves are larger, others greener. That doesn't make them better leaves. They "just be."

Re (to go back)

Member (to put together)

Go back and put it together again.

Remembering who you are is a matter of being: Just be.

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