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In the days of Christ, a case of the flu, a cold or even a tooth infection could kill you. This was the world in which the living Christ lived (fully divine and fully human). In his public ministry, he sought out those who were sick (horrid skin conditions with leprosy, epilepsy, a woman’s flow of blood, deafness, blindness, withered hands, paralysis).

Yet Christ never bragged about healing people, preaching to crowds, speaking a prophecy, defying the powers that be, deifying himself or tearing down others.


Take comfort in knowing that a follower of Christ, you are praying to someone who understands humanity, not only because Christ is divinity and knows all things, but because Yeshua was human and experienced ALL THINGS.

Christ is the model and example of how we are to care during this crisis: with hearts moved by pity and compassion.

Honestly, I don’t understand why people are dying; I could offer my theological presumptions or presuppositions, but I can follow the person who gives me a pattern for life—The Christ, the Pattern Son of the Living God. #changearchitect #itspatrickbrown #changematters #realchangematters #christ

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