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James 4:6 TPT "God resists you when you are proud but continually pours out grace when you are humble."

In a day of self-centeredness, leaders must have a centered self.

The Sign of Insular Thinking

-When leaders lack the capacity to function in relationship when others have different and unique concepts, ideas, methodologies and perspectives from their own. Figurehead leaders become the gurus and experts, further proliferating the clergy/laity dualistic, dichotomous distinction. The people portray herd mentality, group think and uniformity instead of family, fellowship, and unity.

The Sign of Inordinate and Indoctrinated Entitlement

-When leaders have a felt-need for celebration and recognition. They have groomed people (even entire organizations) to elevate them above the centrality of Christ. Leaders then become the mediator instead of Christ (in the name of spiritual fathering and mothering). Eventually, the people speak more of these leaders by their titles rather than Christ in His power and presence.

The Sign of the Imploded Emeritus

-When leaders retire from a church, and then the ministry cannot sustain itself without them. They built the church on their brand, inverted pyramid style of leadership or personality. Thus, the church remains stagnant and stifled. Leaders like this can’t let go and won’t move on because their identity is somehow rooted in acknowledgement from their previous role of importance, co-addictive tendencies and co-dependent behaviors. That organization doesn’t function as an organized organism and eventually implodes on itself due to said leaders' absence or their vicarious power and presence from afar.

The Sign of Isolating in Disagreement

-When leaders exercise blaming, naming, shaming and punishing with those who disagree with them doctrinally, ideologically, philosophically and theologically. They create a culture that is punitive, inundated with “yes-men,” autocratic domination and intimidation, circumvented with people who have lost their identity as kings, priests or sons unto God in the Body of Christ.

  • Confidence is being certain.

  • Arrogance is being self-important.

  • Arrogance builds self-kingdom instead of God’s kingdom

What say you?

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