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The Value of The Small

In an age where societies are consumed with “the big,” attitudes frame around “large is in charge,” which introduce the need to measure against others. From “how many likes and shares” to “the amount of followers,” from the fasting growing ‘this and that’ to the top ten of whatever category, pop culture creates an obsessive drive for more, for the viral, for the most notable. This cultural mania suppresses the mindset of contentment. It seems as if it is not enough to "just be."

Scientifically, matter is formed from quantum waves; it is not the medium through which quantum waves rippled. We actually see a macroscopic world created by the quantum realm. In other words, the big world we see is created and sustained by the world we can’t see with our naked eyes.

The small in your life creates the big.

The quantum particle is just as important as the atom. The atom is just as important as the molecule. The molecule is just as important as the cell and those cells make up the organism. You get the picture…the small makes way for the large that we see day-to-day. Just because you can’t see it does not mean it does not exist. It could mean you might consider “what” you are looking through to understand the nature of your reality.

Regardless of what season of life you might be experiencing, because you are here, you matter. If it isn’t big or large, that does not decrease your effectiveness or worth.

You don’t have to be “viral” to be “valuable.”

You don’t have to be “popular” to be “potent” or be “notable” to be “known by God.” Just because it is not seen by all does not mean it does not contain potential and purpose. Recognition does not determine the essence of your existence.

I often think of the scripture, “Do not despise the day of small beginnings.” Zachariah 4:10. This reminds me that humanity focuses on the bigger, the better, the faster, and the impact of our outcomes. We must also remember that all of us enter the earth small. As we remember our humble beginnings, we can recognize that our journey or plan is not the same as others; therefore, where we remain grateful for our being and who we are collective becoming.

So whatever you are building, I encourage you from a song written and performed by artist Danniebelle Hall, Ordinary People, where she sings "No matter how small your all may seem to you, because little becomes much as you place it in the master's hands.“

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Hope T Melton
Hope T Melton
11 de mar. de 2022

Thank you for such an insightful blog. consider “what” you are looking through to understand the nature of your reality" I believe this speaks volumes in understanding what I am looking at and the perception of how I see. Realizing that little becomes much. Grateful for the blessings of the small beginnings


11 de mar. de 2022

"Just because it is not seen by all does not mean it does not contain potential and purpose." What a lesson for all addicted to measuring success, impact and influence by "large and many" May we carry the blessing of this revelation in our hearts.

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