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When you believe in ME, out of you, your innermost being, rivers will flow. That water, those rivers are My Spirit. Why doubt who I am in you when I have declared in My Word that rivers, reservoirs in you, shall emerge?

You are now in a pivotal moment of revelation and realization-the revelation of the River in you and the realization of the Flowing from that River. When it is revealed to you, you will not shrink back again, for you will know that your intent and even motives are being refreshed as dew by My Spirit. When it is realized in you, what you see externally will not rule what you see through the lens of Breath internally.

Rivers flow to the lowest level-the place of humility.

Rivers flow from a deeper source-the place of meekness.

Rivers flow and feed from a larger source-the place of interdependence. It will flow when you believe and as you belief, when the rivers comes forward, all around you will impacted by what I have placed in you.

Imagine if My creation were to see rivers in each other?
Imagine if My image-bearers were to see the water the dwells in one another?

Would you water the garden of humanity?

Will you be dew in the earth that needs to be made a new?

Will you believe that I have chosen you to be water in a dry land and satisfy the thirst of creation: to see the revealing of the sons, my divine nature activated, through you in the earth.

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May 20, 2021


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