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A Quest of Questions in Soul & Spiritual Maturity

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

As a consulting professional, I am asked many questions in the course of a week. In those instances, I am expected to provide contextual co-created answers with agile synergy and strategy. In my function as a servant leader focused on revealing Christ and being hidden in Christ, when asked questions I have become aware more and more that in answering, I run the risk of revealing things wisdom directs me not to reveal. I’ve learned that I must be healed enough in my emotional and mental realm to not be concerned what other people may think when I don’t answer their questions or I don’t know the answer to their questions.

I am learning the power of the pause, the strength of silence in my soul. To wait on wisdom and not to waste on wordiness.

Many times, Jesus refused to answer certain questions when silence served a mature, divine and developmental purpose. Other times, Jesus would disappear into the crowd and retreat into a quiet place of solemnity to talk to Abba.

In this season of unrest, group herd mentalities, and pressure to conform in impressions and expressions, our first priority must be to communicate with Christ, hearing and doing God’s opinion and disregarding the options of humanity. There will be times in our lives where will find our walk in Christ more peaceful and productive in realms of peace, freedom from agitation, aggravation and irritation.

Lately, Holy Spirit is taking me through deeper discipline, a waning from crowd sourcing and a weaning from singular, circular clouded perspectives. God is searching my heart and head to discern motive and intentions and making them known to me, shifting me into self-awareness and pliable humility.

Here are a few questions I ask myself to clarify the objectives within my life.

  • Do I need to be needed? Do I take pleasure that others seek me out for advice?

  • How do I feel when Holy Spirit withdraws me from specific activities?

  • Am I content to be alone with Christ and only speak when Spirit decides to speak through me yet not centered from me?

  • Am I wet cement in the hands of the Lord or do I have a hidden agenda that demands to perceived a certain way?

  • Do I really want Christ to receive all the glory, others get credit OR introspectively do I want to take some of God’s credit for myself via my competencies and capacities?

  • Am I seeking approval of men and women, even when doing something for God?

Some of these are soul-searching questions on your quest in revealing Christ. The answers may give you some indication of where you are in spiritual maturity, and what areas may need more yielding to Holy Sprit and move us into soul and spiritual maturity.

The mirror of life reflects and also detects. The Lord looks upon the heart when others see the outward appearances.

What questions do you have and what answers will you give?

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Unknown member
Jan 16, 2021

Very different spin on wisdom. Thanks for sharing.


Jan 16, 2021

Thanks for your insights amazing that the Great Knower knows and wants us to know so we can reflect the knowing or truth which makes us free


Jan 15, 2021

Yes it does reflect what is there and detect what is true, authentic and ( heart posture) or motives. There is nothing known that unknown to the Great Knower ( God )...We cannot hide whatever we feel for it is revealed in time.These are great questions to ask and answer realistically.

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