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5 Bold Cultural, Corporate and Church Predictions for 2020

As we enter 2020, I wanted to offer some proposed predictions base on futurist thoughts. If we want to change the direction of a thing, we must change the conversation about it.

Relationship transformation and an emerging focus on the importance of family restoration, discipleship and authentic transparent community replacing spatial, fractured relationships

As the world becomes more virtually connected and humanly disconnected, the human-centeredness of community will reignite. The focus on discipleship beyond Didactic teachings will experience a dynamic of replacement without the emphasis on non-controlling, religious hierarchal infrastructure. The C-suites and Senior roles will be positionally de-emphasized to engage the front line and employees or church members will no longer be “human resources” but partners, producers on a journey embodying mission and unified values.

The intrinsic value of wellness will become a priority for companies and organizations and municipalities not as a perk or absenteeism reduction but as principles of awareness in spirituality

The theology of work will emerge as a praxis to accentuate meaning and calling in vocation, creating synergy of purpose and potential in the workplace. As a result, wellness will include spirituality as a sustainable energy increasing emotional and mental health of people.

The Vulnerability of men to foster emotionally healthy living will replace alpha male mindsets of non-self-disclosure

Patriarchal systems and mindsets that assert the idea of emotions as weakness will be deconstructed, corporately and ecclesiastically. The integration of feelings and faith, reason, rationale and renewing, emotions and intellectual engagement, intuition and instinct, will merge to foster unity, advocacy and capacity building. In turn, masculinity and femininity will rediscover definition from the original creation mandate through accurate lens.

Reverence and fear of the holiness and love of Christ will be exalted above human-centered messages and sermons (back to basics of image and likeness) and methodology with resurgence of traditions of honor and orthodoxy

In semiotic and symbiotic fashion, therapeutic messages will decrease and orthodox, ancient doctrine promoting reverence and awe of Holy Spirit will experience an awakening, renaissance and recalibration of proper Christ-centered foundations. Man-centered leadership will lose its grip on reality and removal of titular approaches without maturation will decline. Covenant and global cultural understanding will rise as leaders among people not over and above people.

Organic Worship communities will emerge beyond service/sermonic based presentations fostering innovation and pioneering movements

Homes, Houses. Corporate infrastructures will collaborate. Revision histories will be confronted and dismantled. Accurate historical insights will revive life-giving practices. Pioneers will not focus on model building but morphing foundations leading to follower of Christ releasing and leading transformative lives. Left-brain and right-brain methodology will blend and reform religious expressions, encounters and experiences.

What futuristic predictions do you see on the horizon? As real change matters, let us live from the eternal now in light of the future past. #changematters #realchangematters #changearchitect #vision

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