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Today is the day you will see My Word arise in you. My words bring life - animating and activating the mandate of your creation through Me. Because I am "I AM," every word I speak to you and through you will release Life. My words are a by product of my Breath--and you will hear My sound from within you. That voice will sustain you and lead and guide you into all Truth.

You may ask, "what Truth is that Lord?" the Truth of your very essence and being.

The Truth that I AM breathed life into you and that life is the light of humanity.

If only you would hear, see and know, you would hear, see and know it in others.

I will lighten your darkness.

I will enliven what I desire to resurrect inside of you.

The old dead things will remain dead--no impact, no influence over you for I WILL DO SOMETHING NEW THAT YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN IN YOU.

My Breath is releasing the NEW, the NOW and will lift you into the NEXT --for my Breath is eternal and timeless. Nothing on earth can contain ME - I choose to dwell in you.

You are My dwelling place.

You are My tabernacle.

You are My body

So let Me breathe in you.

Breath of Life release among us.

Breath of Life release into the earth.

I AM with you.

We are with You.


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