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Transparency & Truth = Transformation

In a day where cover-ups rule character, being true to our motives and intentions will hopefully restore public and private faith in leaders. The power of transparency linked with truth leads us to transformation. Transformational leaders acknowledge their weaknesses. These leaders are not afraid to admit their weak areas. In fact, they honestly examine themselves in order to identify areas of need. In being transparent about themselves, they can focus on turning those weaknesses into strengths.

Effective leaders don't have to be right all the time. They are not control freaks. They are humble enough to acknowledge and to realize their achievements and to admit when they have been part of the problem rather than the solution.

As humble and growing leaders, we must be willing to acknowledge the things we don't know.

In the pace of change and technology evolution, methods and processes change daily. Leaders must be able to swim in the currents of that ever-changing surge.

To be current, effective leaders, we must be willing to acknowledge the things we can't do.

We must not fear incompetence; we embrace that awareness and fight it. With the mental, political climate shifts, we are constantly life-learning, developing our skill sets and mindsets to create new solutions to old problems. In an insular world, we must not be afraid to ask for help. By doing so, we not only open the door to self-improvement, but we also gain personal strength and self-awareness. If we are going to be transparent leaders, we must take action, not wait for something to happen, then take action.

Transparency is the construction zone of leadership development. Truth is the foundation of transformation in the construction of leaders.

When we are not transparent, we end up using information and secrecy as a weapon.  When we exclude people from transparency and keep simple things hidden from others, they end up intimidated and ultimately resenting us. The best way leaders can build or restore relationships with the team members is to provide them access to information and connection.  Tell others what you know with authenticity.

If we want to create a culture of transformation, transparency with truth might be the first step. The only way to be transparent is to be vulnerable. People need to connect on a deeper level to build solid, high-functioning relationships. It's hard to connect with someone we don't know.

Transparency is essential. It takes time to build trust, so take it slow and be authentic and truthful.

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26 ago 2020

This is a powerful message to leaders. Acknowledging the things we can't do and things we don't know reveals that transformational leaders are willing to continually evolve, grow, are teachable and that noone has arrived. An excellent commentary on transparency.

Mi piace

26 ago 2020

Love this perspective on transformation.

Mi piace
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