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Three Kingdom of God Questions

Why Mainstream Christianity Must Reclaim What Christ Taught

Three Kingdom of God Questions

Mainstream Christianity appears to NOT teach the same message that Christ brought on the earth 2,000 years ago. That central message formed the basis and foundation of his entire ministry and teachings. That priority focus was “But seek first the kingdom of God.” Matthew 6:33. According to these words of Christ, the kingdom of God is the Number 1 emphasis in the life is his followers.

The gospel of Christ was NOT just about himself.

Perhaps the mainstream should asks itself, are we Teaching Jesus OR Teaching What Jesus Taught? He preached the kingdom of God in Mark 1:14, Matthew 9:35 and in Luke 4:42-43. That is what drove his message.

Christ desires for us to shape all of our thought s, words and deeds toward the kingdom of God.

This reality leads to three main kingdom of God questions we must answer to declare and demonstrate the central message of Christ: the kingdom of God.

1. What is God's essential creative design for this realm of human life and culture?

This question is difficult to answer. Regardless of our roles in life, whether we are scholars, artists, teachers, or entrepreneurs, we must figure out what God intended when he created humans capable of manifesting the image and likeness of God in these vocations.

2. How has this realm of human life and culture been corrupted and misdirected with human sin? This is another difficult question. When we are a part of a culture, we must figure out how that realm evolved its current status and became misplaced.

3. How can I help redirect this realm of life and culture toward Christ?

When we discern the intention of God in this sphere of existence and understand the works of Christ, we then must conform, transform and inform our decisions and actions in that sphere to Christ.

We don't have to be pastors, apostles or missionaries in order to please the King and do the work of the Kingdom of God. Wherever and whatever realm or vocation we possess, we are to bring those areas under the Lordship of Christ through partnership with Christ.

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