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Romans 13:11 "And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed."

The subconscious mind is like a garden. The seed that is planted there will grow. We've been planting many different seeds there. There are many tares among the wheat.



Some tares or weeds are obvious and they need to be rooted out. Sometimes it's hard to tell the bad from the good. Sometimes it's hard to tell truth from tradition. What looks like wheat are really tares.

When the wind blows, wheat will bend and bow but tares will stand still.

At times we must weed out the garden of our minds. Once the process of weeding the garden has begun, we must guard against the seed of man. There are many who are looking for fertile ground. There are many words coming forth today. A well tended garden is easy to weed once the bulk of the weeds are gone.

How did those tares get there in the first place? Who put those false ideas in the Subconscious? How did they get past the Conscious mind? Your Conscious mind gets tired. The Conscious mind needs sleep Not only goes the Conscious mind sleep at night, but it can go to sleep during the day. "Day Dreaming" is something most people do every single day.

Certain things can cause the Conscious mind to go to sleep. Things that we do automatically can cause our Conscious mind to sleep and our Subconscious mind to come to the front. Repeating certain songs in church can also cause the Conscious mind to sleep. Especially songs we know my memory.

We must awaken to where and who we are inside by Holy Spirit. The word sleep in Romans 13:11 derives from the Greek root (5258) hupnos. Is it possible that while our Conscious minds were asleep, the Subconscious mind was soaking up every word? Yes, because there was no guard at the gate. The guard was sleeping.

Sometime doctrinal ideas were placed there through songs, statements, preaching, and more. The more reinforcement we receive the deeper they become embedded. The Conscious mind has been "hupnosed" or "hynotized" by our religious systems. We were not aware of it until right now. We at times didn't know what was going on.

Wake up! Arise! Be aware that is has and does happen to you, many times on a daily basis with the intake of information, misinformation or disinformation. The next time you catch yourself, staring and thinking, daydreaming, pray this:

"Holy Spirit, breathe upon the garden of my mind and impart the seed of your words."

Perfect seed brings forth perfect fruit. The same seed that Christ had in his mind will grow in our minds, as HE is so are WE in this world. It will produce exactly the same results in us that did in him. Christ is causing us to awaken our of our Hupnos. His thoughts will become our thoughts. His ways will become our ways. We will become like and as Christ in every way. We will receive the seeds of the word into the garden of our minds and they will come to pass in our lives.

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Hope T Melton
Hope T Melton
Jun 16, 2021

Much revelation. Thank you for sharing this I will reflect on this . We will receive the seeds of the word into the garden of our minds and they will come to pass in our lives. I receive this


Jun 02, 2021

Holyspirit breath upon my mind and impart the seed of your words. Yes... Everything begins here.. Beautiful writing.

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