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Releasing Others by Releasing Ourselves

The power of releasing releases health in our minds and emotions, thus healing in our relationships.

There are times in life where we have been hurt, disappointed, rejected and the recipients of intentional wounds. Those are the moments where we ask ourselves (and even others), why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve that treatment (as if we deserve wounds even if we are at fault)? What could I have done to prevent this from occurring or what can I do to stop this from repeating?

“How do I release them as I work through how I feel?”

The questions are legitimate and appropriate, for we must experience the full range of painful emotions in order for us to learn, live and love in the midst of it all. What we do with those feelings determines the outcome of our emotional health, how we view others and how we enter into future, potential wounding experiences.

I have asked those same questions, redundantly, consistently, angrily and reflectively. My internal self-talk would kick-in and create narratives and stories behind the reasons and why others would mistreat me? Did I allow it because I didn’t set proper boundaries? What would give them the “green light” to act this way? I would look at myself and them and play the repeat function. I came to realize that as long as I live, the potential for pain will continue because pain indicates that we are alive; that we are able to heal, that we are capable of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Resentment and anger hurt the person that carries them around. There is no benefit to you holding on to them or creating victim stories. Stories are pointless. Let them go and live in the now.

Stories are pointless. Let go of the stories and live in the moment, the now and the emotion and allow it to pass through you.

*Wish them well and send feelings of love

*Realize that we might never understand their motives behind their actions

*Focus on your inner talk and sub-stories and narratives that you might create

*How may I not internalize each experience and personalize them to focus on offense

*Decide and determine, no matter what you will walk in self-love, self-care and self-awareness for growth and peace of mind in all aspects

To experience real change that matters, we must release others if we are to release ourselves. #changematters #realchangematters #changearchitect #itspatrickbrown #change #selfcare #selfawareness #releaseothers

There are no winners in resentment.
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