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What are we being shown?

What values we have? Who governs us and how?

What are the foundations of commercial capitalism, for the cathedrals of consumerism lie bare! What is civilization but a clearing in the forest and now it is closing in on us.

Biopolitics? Genetic informatics? The hierarchy of privilege is a wide spectrum: psycho-social, ecological and spiritual.

So, what can we learn from this?

I'm unsure we emerge on the other side the same as we once were. Moving through a crisis with sustainable resilience is not an easy task; the journey is necessitated by honesty, empathy, compassion and ingenuity.

We are not static. We acknowledge, we adjust, we take hits, we bend.

We change as we process what is set before us.

We will resume.

How we align with the transformation--that's another matter of collective will and wise responses in our consciousness. The market will not decide. The providence of nature, unnatural causes, manufactured agendas: not one centralized body can control and contain.

We may not recognize the change in the moment or in the cosmic stream.

Three facts are for sure:

1. We evolve as the result of what we live through.

2. The unconscious and subconscious world is surging forward and we are forced to look and live from within.

3. We must look after each other

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