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Mental Health and This Moment

Your mental health is a garden: water it, nourish it, remove weeds

Some times it is pointless to argue with current realities. Life is only happening in the present. Now is what matters. The pandemic has caused normalcy to come to a halt, leading to a myriad of questions:

  • When will this be over?

  • What is the truth of this?

  • When will I feel safe in a crowd?

  • What is this really all about?

  • What about those who live in domestic violence and are quarantined?

  • What about child abuse while on stay-at-home orders?

This is not a movie. I wish I had a remote control and could pause, rewind, fast forward or simply turn it off and reboot.

Here’s a few steps to be present to the moment mentally and emotionally

#1: Be intentional

Ask: how will I respond and feel as I imagine my day?

#2: Be Still: Ain’t No Need To Hurry

You do not have to stay busy. If you have the bandwidth, knock yourself out. If you don’t, reject the productivity demand and embrace the stillness and slowness.


#3: Be Real with The Now

The news and media are real to you RIGHT NOW. Check your senses: emotional, physical, spiritual. What do you see outside your window and inside your home, hone in on what you hear, smell the air and scents, taste the tea slowly, feel the moment.

Remember, not everyone is deeply rooted in faith and hope.

Some are not empowered with a resilient mindset.

Some of us are crippled with anxiety and worry

Pay attention to what is right in front you. You are P.R.I.M.E. for change


R-econnect and




I would like for you to consider the three suggestions above. Embrace them. Feel them and share how you feel.

Water your garden.

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