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Memo: The Impotence of American Christianity

Christianity has been bound up with political power since the 4th century-binding the Christian faith with military might. The complicity and complexity of Americanized Christianity and the historical usage of Christendom is a multi-faceted movement that encompasses numerous organizations and individuals with irreconcilable commitments.

There is no truer form of Christian to date, for it has proven its empirical alliances and perhaps needs to be exposed to divine violence--like a negation of Christianity in the name of Christianity.

Some sects of Western Christendom have abandoned the Golden Rule and redefined it to become: "the group who has the gold makes the rules." The conversations are rooted in morality and not the manifestation of sonship. If this is the reality, then why should a non-believer care about belief as the movement continues to slip from building and blessings others to barbarism of compartmentalizing those that are considered marginalized or "without" the means or results of economic viability. Faith is supposed to help us make sense of life and loss. Conversely, the commissioned message of Christ to seek and to save what was lost is not a distinct message with mission.

Decline might be a good thing in the nominal American Church.

Decrease the powerful.

Develop the powerless.

Deconstruct the roots to ensure the soil contains the kingdom mandate.

Lukewarm Christendom's decline is refreshing. The Intensity of Christ-intimacy is renewing. The De-Christianization of America's time has come with an applause of deconstruction.

What is the composition of the foundation?

If that foundation contains faulty, manufactured perspectives without repentance, then revolutionary methods will aid the dynamics of replacement.
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