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It may seem in certain seasons that the winds in your life might be churning like a sea with huge, roaring waves, crashing into the boat of your life threatening to capsize it.

My Voice will keep you steady.

Howling, splashing sounds punctuated by exploding lightning and thunder may fill your mind like the exhausted disciples experienced all night. They were yelling to one another to be heard above the storm, the worst was not over.

My Voice is as the sound of many waters.

In the midst of the commotion, they saw a ghost out on the sea. They were terrified even confused of what they saw. Then, amid their screaming came a simple, calm, “It is I.” Jesus’ soft declaration turned away the wrath of the wind and waves. (Mark 6; John 6).

My Voice is tender toward you my children.

My Voice

will STILL every raging, roaring storm

will SCATTER and SILENCE every avenger of your soul and all enemies from within and without

will SET you free from whatever binds you

will SAVE you from yourself and the forces of the enemy

will SATISFY you with My peace and joy into every area of your being.

will SEVER strongholds set up in your mind and STABILIZE your imagination, memory, affection, reason and conscience

will SETTLE you to know I AM with you always and will never leave or forsake you (even if and when others do)

will SPEAK and SUSTAIN all things that pertain to your life for I AM the giver of all lives

will STEER you in the direction of wisdom, knowledge and understanding for I AM your Navigator

will SURROUND you with songs of deliverance and praise will be your undefeated weapon, for you are armed with the SWORD of My SPIRIT

will STIR your joy to release My STRENGTH in your heart and mind and My Might will be perfected in your weaknesses

will SHAPE you into all that I have designed and developed you to be and become

will SHOW you the power and authority of My Ways and all creation is upheld by the Word SPOKEN from My Power

will SCRIBE My Words on the tablets of your heart and what I write, is Me and what is Me is all there sustained by Me

will SEND you forward from now, for I transcend all time and ages

will SATURATE your essence, existence and expressions with all that I AM.

Hear My Voice. I will be who I AM to you.

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Unknown member
May 27, 2021

His voice, is one of reason. The voice that steers me in the right direction. It steadies, and grounds me. It's a voice of comfort, compassion, and hope. His voice reassures me that All is well. It's the voice I trust. The voice of truth.


May 25, 2021

I am so grateful for His voice especially in times of trials and test. I am also grateful for His voice that comforts me in the quiet times os reflection. Thankyou for sharing.

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