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You are unique. Unique from what--everything else in creation for there is not another in existence that is exactly like you. You are different from every other creation of God, because you came out of God. Before age and time came into the earth and you were formed in the physical realm, you were known of God.

You are a vital part of I AM.

You are worthy. Worthy of what--everything that your Creator has designed for you to be, to become and to receive. You are spirit, the core of your essence.

So why let this lower level of frequency (called this present world) dictate to you how worthy you are? Because this world is full of illusions (forced telling you who you are and who you are not) and allusions (stories and narratives that try to influence why you are).

You are worthy of the highest level of creation: LOVE.

You are worthy, for even your DNA is coded by I AM with originality and personality.

You are worthy, because you are created to create.

You are worthy, because what originates from I AM is affirmed, approved and authenticated by I AM.

This realm of LOVE casts out all fear and without this fear, you are free to LOVE all of creation unconditionally. You blend with your Creator and manifest your creation-capacity when you align with LOVE.

You are will have different thoughts, feelings and experiences that are different from other creations. You are on a distinct path and you are an extension of God to bring to the same destination: WORTHY OF LOVE and the WONDER OF UNIQUENESS.

Today, give way to acceptance and awaken to the worthiness and uniqueness that is waiting for you to reveal in the earth.

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