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Updated: May 17, 2021

You will begin to shift into a sustainable season of accuracy and clarity. You will walk by faith and not by sight--and what you SEE will be clarified by My Spirit. My Spirit is Truth and Truth will make you exact. You will see what I have ordained for you to see, for to the pure all things are pure and undefiled.

You will no longer SEE only what you want to see. You will SEE what I am revealing from within you, without accusation.


You will see My Image in others, not what they have done to or against you.

You will put away childish things; you will put away the emotional dust in your eyes and what you see will be based on your heart. For My Heart within you will arise and you will see from the desires of My Heart for your existence.

You will discern between what is Spirit and what is self--in you and as your discernment expands, your maturity expands and deepens at your foundation.

You will not be fooled by every wind and perspective. You will know when to pull back and pull in to hear Me and as you hear me you will reveal Me, and as you reveal Me you will speak, do and think as Me in the world I have sent you.

This hit and miss season has gone and I will lead and guide you into all Truth.

Lean to My understanding and I will stand under you.

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