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As the wind blows upon the earth, so does My Breath blow upon your life from within. As My Word declares "the breath of the Almighty gives me life," so shall I give you life. My Breath is in you so I cannot and will not be separated from you. I AM is with you and breathes from the innermost parts of who you are.

When I breathe, you are reborn.

When I breathe, you are refreshed.

When I breathe, you are renewed.

Over and over for I am everlasting and eternal, so you have my timeless, ageless Breath. When I speak, My breath moves in you to remove all that is planted to stunt your growth in Spirit. When I announce, My breath uproots what stalls and stagnates. I breathe in you, with you, through you. Now watch Me show my nature and name in your earth, in your realm--to rule, to reign and to make all things new in your life.

You are entering into a season of understanding of My Breath among you and the wheat will bow to the wind, the tare will remain --and as Comforter the wheat and tares will grow together, for I do all things well.

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