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Updated: Mar 18, 2022

My reflective introspection with a "Martinesque" presaged tenacity and tone

In a most mind splitting, spirit charging way, Martin Luther King Jr. reminded the American people with his last words that though a man may die, a dream does not.

King intensely, sermonically concludes: “Today we particularly need the Hebrew prophets because they taught that to love God was to love justice; that each human being has an inescapable obligation to denounce evil where he sees it and to defy a ruler who commands him to break the covenant. The Hebrew prophets are needed today because decent people must be imbued with the courage to speak the truth, to realize that silence may temporarily preserve status or security but to live with a lie is a gross affront to God. The Hebrew prophets are needed today because we need their flaming courage; we need them because the thunder of their fearless voices is the only sound stronger than the blasts of bombs and clamor of war hysteria….”

King’s apostolic framework provoked and denounced the American searing conscience and corporate, militaristic industrial complex, which with deafening non empathic resistance, was force to acknowledge and awaken to the awareness of black consciousness and the political expediency of turning a blind eye to the unnamed humanity, who are marginalized, politicized, fantasized and largely theologically demonized.

May we absorb that said conscience and transform our conscious and reprogram our subconscious with the power and active expression of redemptive love.

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