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Apostolic Mentoring Imperatives

Colossians 3:23

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters”

Our primary example for the creation flow of ideas, compassion towards those who struggle, communication with others and connection with a core group is Christ.

As creatives and cultural influencers, our mindsets and skillsets are gracefully and skillfully sharpened through an apostolic mentor.

In this mentoring context, APOSTOLIC is the development of the CHRIST MIND in all spheres of existence in you. Through discipleship and mentoring, your apostolic mentor will challenge you to FORM and FRAME your life to ensure your CHARACTER (private motives and intentions) and your CREATIVE expressions (public persona) are congruent, consistent and convergent.

The mentoring relationship is established on a foundation of love and trust which stems from an understanding that your apostolic mentor possesses Holy Spirit insight into your character via your willingness to trust the continuous process of development and discovery.

TRANSPARENCY leads to TRUTH and vice versa and HUMILITY leads to HONOR.

When the demands of voices from too many teachers, the relational impact is diluted.

I am grateful to have taken time to build such an apostolic mentoring relationship with my mentor.

As I EVOLVE, my mentor will be INVOLVED.

As I EXPAND, my mentor will emphasize Christ-centric DEMANDS.

As my gift experiences INCREASE (submersion into culture) my mentor will encourage me to DECREASE (immersion into Christ).

So as you create, gain influence or increase exposure:

•Do not lower your standard of excellence because of evaluative assessments from others

•Do not deviate from your character development by hiding internal strongholds and thinking errors. Freedom is walking in the light as Christ is in the light.

•No shame. No game. No blame.

Own your stuff.

•Do not decrease your design from external distractions and chit-chat or the misjudgment from others about your motives

One word I appreciate in the scriptures is that “God weighs the heart of a man.” Holy Spirit knows your true intent even when others think your desire to present excellence is arrogance.


•Do not appease to please or prove to be approved. The chief principle is to have truth in the inward parts. Truth is the revealed word and will of God applied through the mind of Christ.

It is unfortunate that some people still condemn the intent and work of others based on “how” they present themselves and their work or use themselves as the standard. When we focus on the “why,” how we do what we do will evolve and mature as we grow in Christ.

So grateful for the truth from 1 Samuel 16:7 that “the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” Continue to allow Holy Spirit to reveal all that Christ has created you to be and to become in your inner being.

The trap of comparison is the prison of “not enough.”

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15 déc. 2020

There is much you have espoused upon in this blog. So much to glean that can correct thinking errors and as you have always stated deconstruct and pull down previous mindsets to shift into the new ones. I especially liked the statement "Do not lower your standard of excellence because of evaluative assessments from others" Using other standards to determine your worth and character can be dangerous. You will find your self looking to others for approval . They become the litmus test for achievement. Not good at all. You also mentioned the how actions of comparisons can put us in a prison, so very true. In fact I was once told the comparing myself to others and cannot ser…


Membre inconnu
14 déc. 2020

Was blessed by reading this article. This one impacted me, ”As I evolve my mentor will be involved.“

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