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Life, Lessons and Letting Go

Learning about Life, Lessons of Fragility and Letting Go


This phase in my life has taught me that life mixes realities of ebb & flow, movement & momentum, hurting & healing, and that truly living means that we are constantly changing, evolving and transforming. Living also means there are times we detach in order to make room for new energy and fresh ideas.

Life will conspire to make us move, whether we want to move or not. Don’t wait for life to force you to make moves. If we don’t listen to and actualize the truth of letting go, that truth will emerge one way or another. Releasing is part of human experience. Here are some lessons learned during my transitions and suggested approaches to assist in your journey to let go.

I take inventory of my relationships. I reflect on lessons learned and how I can respond differently. I take responsibility of how I contribute to conditions and own where I am in life. I allow myself to grieve, mourn and express those feelings as emotions surface. I give myself permission to have bad days and be gentle with myself during those moments.

I ask: "what part of me needed to heal so I can have the right narrative and accurate perceptions?"

I am brave to cross and draw the line and to embrace the unknown and learn surrender. Practice self-compassion.

I don’t have to be the expert.

I learned I can love a person and still feel the urge to move on. That it’s okay to say goodbye and still feel love and gratitude.

I often reflect on the words of my late and deeply missed mother: “Nothing is ever wasted. Every experience has a meaning in your life.” Everything has a season—sometimes that season lasts a minute, sometimes it lasts years, but eventually there is a new season on the horizon. The wisdom of Ecclesiastes enlightens us that there is “a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing.”

Let go and embrace real change that matters.

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