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Vulnerability: My New Superpower

The enemy of being vulnerable is SHAME.

During my divorce legal and emotional process and after it, I had tremendous grief and intense feelings of shame. I had to navigate my way through whatever life and others put in my way during that time of transition. From my children being persuaded and restricted from attending my mother’s funeral to court allegations of my alleged mental instability as a father, I learned in my journey that the enemy of being vulnerable is SHAME.

Shame needs secrecy, silence and condemnation to grow. I made choices and in turn my choices made me. I often asked myself, “what is happening to me inside and how is this affecting others?” It was a season of quiet dignity, silent frustrations, trying to mend invisible pieces within and at times attempting to hide the cracks in my character. Somehow with grace and mercy, those kinks in the garment of my life became decorations. Although shame served to make me hide in secrecy, ownership of my mindset disclosed that I could overcome the shame.

Now, I do not go for projecting some kind of perfect version of myself to ensure that I am loved and wanted. It is more important for me to be authentic than impressive, transparent than hidden, and owning my state than transferring blame.

I have learned to appear as I am-flawed, creative, growing, struggling-and totally unequivocally human. I have no need to pretend, hide, or put on, but to be present with whatever is going on inside of me. It’s impossible to keep up an act altogether. It’s not failing to leave toxicity. It’s freeing because you accept what is toxic and truthful inside of you, acknowledge it, be transform from it and break patterns from the internal chaos that sustain dysfunctional cycles.

Authenticity is freeing.
Transparency is redeeming.
Vulnerability is power.

To experience real change that matters, how can vulnerability lead you to freedom from shame and condemnation?

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Dec 24, 2019

Amen!! Amen!! Amen!! God loves us so that He confirms His Word through others to encourage us that we're NOT alone in this.

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