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In the world, everything from atoms to molecules to cells change to match our beliefs. Our belief inform our thinking. Then, our beliefs impact our physiology at a cellular, subatomic level, shaping outcomes and outputs. What we believe impacts who we are in the natural, physical world. Thus, we are limited by the way we think of ourselves and others in that world.

If a group of human beings believe that another group of human beings are subhuman or inhuman, then the prejudging group will change at a quantum level to view life from an inhumane, superiority complex lens toward others.

Ultimately, pride will go before destruction. Where pride exists, destruction is inevitable.

The inherent, intrinsic belief of pride within and outside of a “perceived” superior group of people will project energy that changes the core make up of that people group.

All civilizations contain the seeds of their own destruction or development. Humanity must ask itself what seeds of ethnocentricity, pride or supremacy have been planted, which seeds have formed roots in the soil of individual and collective consciousness and what fruit from those seeded belief systems have germinated and sprouted, producing cross-pollination.

The belief waves of humanity are being exposed and in order to experience transformation, that energy must reverberate humility, compassion, civility and dignity toward all humanity.
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