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Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Today, I release what does not belong to me. What lives in the mind of others does not belong to me. I don't own seeds that I didn't plant or fruit emerging from those places. I am learning to tend to my own garden, till my own soil, water it, and weed out areas that need to be uprooted at the core.

I release stories that attempt to hold me captive to a past that I cannot change - collective or personal narratives. I now allow those stories to pass through me while I seek wisdom from the themes within them.

I embrace every consequence as a lesson from the classroom of "redeeming the time," whose instruction lectures from love and grades from a realm of forgiveness, not punitive performance driven.

For those I harmed and hurt, I realize how my own shame held me captive; how my own pride prevented me from owning up to the failure from selfish choices, self-aggrandizing subtleties, and errors in my thinking. The reflection is humbling me with the realization of my internal mechanisms and how those inner workings surface and frame the operations of my state of mind and view of myself in the grand scheme of the world. I now embrace that actualization before seeking reconciliatory movement so I may not repeat actions from a hub of self-deception. I release any drive or felt-need to accommodate demands that come from places, external and internally, to control the restorative process in my life.

If you want me to be you, I can't.
If you intend an attempt to make me become your viewpoint, I won't.
If you invite me to love that transcends with transformation in the journey, I will.

For in that I find a ground that stands underneath me knowing that imperfections gently shine with humility over us as humanity.

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