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Mind Games: I Replay The Scene Over and Over…Help!!

Act 1 (in your mind): you replay the scene over and over….and over

Act 2 (in your mind): and you know that with each replay, your feelings and emotions of being stuck and resentment grows.

Act 3 (in your mind) You try to cast out the images, the memory and how it makes you feel inside. Now, you ask yourself: why does this keep replaying over and over? The negative memories don’t seem to fade or subside regarding what happened to me or how I was treated.

How can you get unstuck from auto-replay?

Consider the following: They did not treat you poorly because YOU’RE YOU. They did it because THEY ARE THEM.

INTEGRATE with your feelings both pleasant and unpleasant. Do not discount them; you are human. Own your emotions or your emotions will own you and do not allow anyone to tell you “how” you should or should not feel. Be true to your emotions, be honest with what and how you feel, and that truth and authenticity will lead to transformation.

IMAGINE an encounter seeing this person (people) and resolve in your heart and mind to be responsive rather than reactive with compassion. Proactive responsiveness settles and stabilizes you to overcome emotionalism.

IMPLEMENT boundaries: realize “Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude.” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I own how I react and respond to what happened to me.

IMPROVE your immune system: releasing helps with rest, your physical and mental health and all stress related illness and chemicals

INITIATE a no gossip policy. we do this is through gossip. Do not divulge their secrets or spread untruths about them behind their backs or to their face. You all endanger who you gossip to.

To experience real change that matters, facing what is replayed in your mind leads to cancelling negative and its impact on you.

What aspects of these considerations would you apply and why?

Let’s change together!

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