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The opportunities to make less of myself are almost unlimited--but each on of them is also a change for me to better and improve myself. It's all in how you look at yourself and your desire to continue to grow.

I know it can be heartbreaking to see others in heartbreak, your kids hurting or family members in retreat, and to understand "what happened here?" or "who is responsible?" Here's a suggestive question:

What good do you do charging around and rewarding pain with more pain?

That is why misery continues. As one therapist said to me, Pain is inevitable; misery is optional.

  • Realize that you are an overcomer, to move closer to Spirit when evil things happen or are targeted to you.

  • Recognize that you are a navigator, to shift and choose to demonstrate love when others revile you, persecuted and condemn you.

Let glory arise. What is glory? the capacity of the character and nature of God to arise within you. This will all be overcome when you decide not to play their game.

Pray this prayer:

"Lord I am a flawed person with a strong desire to be godly and show your character. You are the bridge that I need to cross. Step in front of me and let your Spirit stand strong in me so that the next time I react to evil in my old habitual ways, you will be glorified and magnified in my growth. Amen"

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