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A Prayer of Growth in a Pandemic

"Domine, ut videam!” Lord, that I may see!

I long to see what “eye has not seen, nor ear heard,” in this life: God fully manifest to me-in me-beyond me.

-As sun shining in full strength -As wind blowing with no matrix to know the start or end -As oceans depths plunge- no sight yet life generated from a place deluged -As the expanse of an ageless, timeless, boundless space

I do not so much look through it or beyond it, but into it more deeply than I have ever looked into anything before.

I desire to treasure contemplative insight that Spirit has given me. More than my corporeal sight, You, ascended Lord, want me to be drawn to You by desire, a desire born of love-faith and Holy Spirit prompting from within.

What am I doing, why am I being and who am I becoming with the “revelation” that Christ has granted to me?

My conscious conscience and conscientious soul now actualizes “from now on you do know him and have seen him” John 14:7 Then, what is worth meditating on? So that “may the eyes of your hearts be enlightened” Ephesians 1:18. Oh God let me see in everything everyone what You see-with inexhaustible capacity, unlimited variety, unrestrained ingenuity.

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Apr 29, 2020

WOW.. This is powerful and very profound.

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