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Gifted To Choose: The Blessing To Will

Regardless of what is happening outside of ourselves, we always have a choice to how we choose to be and what we choose to do with our mind and our lives. Our will can never be lost because it is part of our innate nature--it is unseen, invisible as part of our eternal nature as created beings. However, we can believe we are not free and not free to make choices. When people's attention is focused on what is not free, that focus will bring them to a state of belief that restricts them from living with authenticity and originality.

When we depend on our outer world or other world as our source of happiness or identity, we allow the effects caused by our previous actions and the actions of others upon us to have dominion over us.

To have "will" is to determine by an act of choice. Thus, we have the innate ability to choose between giving our power to others or the material world or we can stand firm in our resolve to think, imagine, speak and act from our heart, not for public opinion and based on affirmation or another's mind dictates.

When we ask others to give us freedom, permission or even approval to BE, DO or HAVE what we need or desire, we abdicate our will and thus invite their limitations to who we are and why we are.

Let us take a look at our thoughts and ask,

  • What are my predominant ideas?

  • Am I allowing the mind of others to dictate my feelings and actions?

  • Do their words and opinions keep you awake or abuse you with oppressive, condemning or self-critical thoughts?

I admit on occasion I have allowed outer thoughts to impact and through growth and self-awareness, I have made shifts to emerge with greater self-affirmation.

In every moment before we speak, as we think and when we act, we have WILL: to manifest an effect, a result. This is your life and as you choose, the effect is as a stone tossed into a lake with ripples that impact the water of our lives.

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