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The Glory in the Midst of Suffering

Have you ever read a scripture that was so high, so heavy that you felt “this seems impossible to walk out?” There are times I’ve read the word and clearly feel the realities that “as the heavens are higher than than the earth, so are my was higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55:9) In moments of crisis and times of transition and change, I have sighed inside “O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.” (Matthew 26:39)

No one enjoys crisis.

No one relishes in suffering and change.

In our faith there are extreme examples in specific teachings that communicate that God wants Christians to be wealthy, healthy, and happy all the time. In contrary juxtaposition, among orthodox Christians, however, there is an unspoken idea that God somehow promises to protect them from suffering. The result is an absence of teaching on the presence and role of suffering in the Christian life, and the crises of faith that accompany that suffering and the releasing and realization of the presence of Christ inside of us as the hope of glory.

Crisis is normal and not neutral in a fallen world.

Crisis is not the time to exalt satan, devils and demons. Truth: satan is not omnipresent. Although there are aspects of life in this world that are demonic at its core, maturity in Christ seeks to express Christ and reveal Christ in crisis. Yes, believers can be faithful and fearful simultaneously. The crisis process displays the level of our dependency, the source of our dependency and the nature of our interdependence with each other.

Crisis fosters community with each other and communion with the Divine.

As mentioned, we discover and perhaps recover the essence of our interdependence with one another. When selfishness upsurges in crisis, revelations of our motives and intentions are shown to all. Crisis is indicator of self-aggrandizement and shifts our focus from self-preservation to a life-giving spirit toward others.

Suffering gives us an opportunity to maximize our strengths while our weaknesses rise to the surface.

Crisis releases the richness of God’s glory, grace and treasures within each earthen vessel.

Turning within to share our strengths and support our weaknesses, turning to each other to share solutions and ideas, and turning to synergistic, collaborative efforts advance the cause of love among humanity.

Remember as a follower of Christ, because of the covenant in Christ, Christ was in singular expression only, to Christ in corporate expression.

In crisis, WE replaces ME.

US and THEM diminishes

Togetherness unveils the treasures hidden within us all.

To express real change that matters, embrace the crisis, embrace each others and thrive together. #changearchitect #realchangematters #changematters #crisis #suffering

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