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A Pivotal Moment in Humanity

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Humanity finds itself in a pivotal moment: to realize civilization contains the seed of its own destruction or to recognize the capacity to plant new seeds and cultivate the constructive creation in the soil of our collective consciousness. Are our present crises as birth pains, driving us toward a brand new quality of being and a revelation becoming in human life: an enlightened, evolved consciousness? That conceivable evolution is a consciousness where we all see the certainty and continuation of “why we exist,” “who we are,” and “how are we to live among each other?”

Perhaps we are on the threshold of planetary transformation, a "rebirthing" which will move us from a limited homo-sapien experience to the full potential, unlimited universal, status, thus dismantling systems and concepts that restrict humans from truly being “born again,” (born from above) into a renaissance of divine humanizing (knowing who are as created in the image and likeness of God) or humanizing what is divine. Christ was and is the word (logos or logic of God) that became flesh and lived among us, and as “He” is so are “We” in this world.

The future of humanity is a choice.

We are being given an option, a pivot- the power to evolve or the power to destroy ourselves as a species. That power is in the hands of this generation. How we handle existence now brings responsibility for our future - the choices we make today influence, inform and shape future possibilities. With Christ as our pattern, we can live empowering and transcendent lives which contribute to a positive future for humanity from the life, light and love of Christ, dispelling death, darkness and dread.

Perhaps, we should recognize that each individual must take responsibility for one's life with the power granted to us via divinity. Power in a cultural context usually implies something exerted on us from outside. Power comes from the Greek word "dunamis" - to be able or possible. Possibility thinking, in other words. Think of dynamite - to explode. Empowerment is igniting our inner potential. Humanity is awakening to an inner awareness that thinking for oneself brings one into a freedom to explore the creative archetypes of our forgotten story.

We are learning to “re-member” why we are “born again:” to demonstrate the kingdom (dimension) of heaven (realm of I AM) in the earth.

The proverbial ball is in our hands now.

What will you do personally to contribute our collective evolution?

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