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Everything that is experienced with your five senses is to be creative. Your consciousness is rooted in Me. You can influence the responsible “effects” that appear in your reality.

You are designed to create. You are designated to generate and to produce.

As I AM Creator and you are created, you are sent to demonstrate My first nature revealed to you: in the beginning I created light from My Words. To the degree that light penetrates your mind will be the degree that you know and understand yourself, revealing your real identity. When My light is unveiled in you, My thoughts morph into ones that create “effects” in you to bring my ideas inside of you to pass. What you give your attention to determines the nature of your thoughts. ATTEND to Me.

INTEND in Me. Don’t CONTEND with Me and with your false sense of separation from me. You don’t have to enter into me or exit out of Me. You are already one with Me: communion. This separation is an illusion, a false religious idea, idol and image and idea that says you are separate from Me. No, for you began in Me and I will sustain all that you are. If your eye is single, your body will be full of light. And if you walk in the light as I am the light, we can fellowship. No longer give your ATTENTION to what APPEARS around you but your INTENTION to what AWAKENS within you. What you give awareness to will be released in your reality, so give mindfulness to Christ in you.

No longer be disconnected from who you are and where you come from. The lost image created an illusion in the mass consciousness of My creation and as a result, they have forgotten their real identity, and as a result, their five senses govern their thinking and they turn to self-preservation.

If you look without, you will draw from what is seen. If you look within, you will draw from Christ within.

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