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High Touch - High Tech: A World of High Tech and No Touch

In this place, resounding grace, and space inside with no embrace

my fleshly vibe, no more carnal strides, progressive movement, in a sudden moment,

sacrilegious mode final fears erode, programming minds, as techno code

open the app, tap it once to show, tap it twice flow, show the function bots, still the hype

screen shot of life. Control alt deletes, agony defeats, Christos union meets, Kairos time entreats

transition mission strides to drums upbeat

another drummer upstands a swift repeat

mainframes fry, overloading dies, viral image spreads, human thoughts living dead

inanimate momentum, animated stillness, restless mental, e-motional sentimental

touch me, internal, technique external, icons eternal, calm the nocturnal

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